World in Flames

Posted by: Fingolfin | 17 Dec 2014, 00:41

So, i realise there were some issues with the airplanes in the last version. Graphical bugs, underpowered fighters, and a bunch of other things. To straighten things up, i have started working on a new version to resolve these issues. I made a completely revamped airplane system which is much more simple, yet looks better than the current one. My hopes are that less complexity will mean less bugs, and that the planes will act more natural. The new system also has support for inertia, which is something you need to see to realise how cool it looks. Until it is done i am considering uploading a temporary version where the airplane system is reset to what it was before. It will revert the airplane vs ship situation to the crappyness it used to be, but i suspect the hardcore players will still appreciate it.

Until then, merry christmas and happy holidays!

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