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Posted by: Fingolfin | 30 Dec 2013, 23:01

This year, the World in Flames team is celebrating new years eve early with our own countdown - tonight we are releasing the much anticipated version 1.3b!

What started as a quickfix for the 1.3 release turned out to be packing a few quite notable features, among these the new objective system, handing out optional objectives which will grant you small rewards should you complete them. It is both a great way of encouraging historical play, as it is a way to guide new players into picking their priorities. There will soon be an article covering the extent and features of this system.

The game has also been polished in many ways to give a more streamlined experience - debug messages have been removed, hints and introduction texts are displayed at appropriate times, and the map finally has a preview image.

The full changelog has been updated and can be found here:

Vuorma is currently working on making the map available for download on the website. Until then, sit tight and keep an eye on the downloads section!

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