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Posted by: Fingolfin | 15 Dec 2016, 21:35

So, i guess none of us thought that there would be a new version of World in Flames... yet here it is! A driving factor behind this is the amazing news that Blizzard has increased the maximum map size limit by 16 TIMES, up to 128mb... i am speechless. As it happens, i had a few more models stowed back which i had wanted to put into this map but didn't in order to save map space for Chinese or Italian infantry models. There were also some balance issues which needed to be addressed *cough* paratroopers *cough cough* and i took the opportunity to fix these as well. Here is a complete list of changes:

  • New models for Soviet battleship and cruiser. Their cruiser is now the Bogatyr-class, and their battleship is the Sevastopol class. Both are old WW1 relics and look absolutely badass. The Sevastopol has a high rate of fire due to its 4x3(!) guns, but low range and damage as well as relatively slow movement speed. The Bogatyr hits hard but slow and is a low-average cruiser.
  • Increased the speed of the Akagi-class carrier. In reality, carriers were really fast, yet for some reason i made them slow in this map. Realistically, the Kongo-class should also be fast since it was a battlecruiser, but i'm gonna let its stats stand since i don't want to mess up the balance. Ship balance has been generally altered.
  • It is now possible to enable auto-production for your structures, which will make them loop their production queue indefinitely as long as you can afford it. This should help relive the micro nightmare which this map is.
  • Added a new projectile model for the flak-guns which has a more classic "pom-pom" look to it. I personally love it.
  • Added a new sound set for all ships, so that you will have one less unit type asking you to "point us at them"...
  • Increased the price of paratrooper planes by 150 and reduced the DPS of all paratrooper soldiers. Let me know if they need further nerf.
  • It is now actually possible to win in Domination mode!! Next version it will display the percentage you hold in the multiboard.
  • Reduced the cost of all Tank Destroyers. They are now only slightly more expensive than medium tanks.
  • Increased bunker build time by 10 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented tiger tanks from being repaired.
  • Reinforced Concrete upgrade now adds hit points.
  • Increased the damage of German cruisers at the expense of firing rate. They are pocket battleships, after all.
  • Improved the performance of smoke grenades. A drawback of the new solution is that the effect may linger for a couple of seconds when the unit moves outside of the smoke, but at least that's better than having the game bog down entirely.
  • Changed the way the Naval Doctrine works - it now increases the attack dice of your ships, which means the damage bonus can be anywhere form 4 to 10 depending on the ship. It is designed so that countries you typically associate with naval dominance get a larger bonus than countries like Russia and Finland.
  • Added an extra bunker on the northern Finnish border.

It might take some time for me to make Vuorma upload the map to the downloads section, but in the mean time you can find it on MakeMeHost and EpicWar or in the World in Flames thread on

Sadly, there are no updates for Chinese infantry for now, but i promise that this will be a focus in the next version. Other things you might see are Narvik-class destroyers and Bismarck-class battleships for Germany and Carro Armato tanks for Italy...

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