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Posted by: Fingolfin | 08 Nov 2014, 00:57

It's friday! That means the world in Flames team is kickin' in the front seat, sittin' in the back seat and releasing a new god damn version of World in Flames! This version features a complete overhaul of the airplane system, giving players the ability to FINALLY select individual targets for their fighters and dive bombers. It also lets them use the same attack type as other units, giving more emphasis to the role of each unit. As icing on the cake, cruisers now do significantly less damage against air units, and dive bombers deal double damage against all ships. This means that a desicive bomber strike can severely damage or even sink a cruiser, and my hopes are that this will lead to more carrier battles on the oceans! Another viable strategy is to focus down all enemy destroyers to make way for your submarines to settle the deal. Overall, this version brings a lot of new features to the board and i am glad to finally have it out.

This is also a special day for other reasons, since it is none less than Vuormas birthday! So let's all get out there and celebrate him by playing some awesome WiF games this weekend to honor his contribution.

As usual, you can find a complete changelog in the developer log:

NOTE: The map is currently not available in the downloads section, but can instead be accessed from the map database at The version will be available on this site shortly.

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