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Posted by: Vuormalainen | 25 Aug 2014, 08:19

I thought it was time to explain my absence as I keep getting asked and contacted about this. For a long time, Fingolfin has been the only one working on the ingame version of World in Flames. I love World in Flames and I still believe it to be one of the, if not the best custom map in Wacraft 3 if I might say so. I have however prioritized my time on another project.

As I mentioned almost a year ago in "The future of World in Flames" I had started working on a standalone real-time strategy engine late 2011, and this is finally starting to become a game. It is not a new World in Flames, but who knows what the future might entail.

If you're interested, the name of the game is Terra Militia you can find the website for it here. It's similar to World in Flames in the way that it's fully inspired and based on our history, lack of micromanagement and its massive scope which includes gigantic maps, large armies and often longer matches than those of other real-time strategy games.

I had a great time developing and playing World in Flames with all of you, and this is as close to a official "goodbye" from me as it gets. I'll still run maintenance on the website and forums, and occasionally pick up Warcraft 3 for a game or seven of WiF but most doubtfully will I ever return to Warcraft 3 mapping. Instead, I've made a map editor for Terra Militia, with triggers and other features inspired by the Warcraft 3 Editor (hint hint) ;)

Old World in Flames Beta Testers, feel free to send me a PM if you wish to join the alpha for Terra Militia.

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